Music is an integral part of the daily life of all our pupils at Fettes.

Nurturing Potential

As a department, our highest aim is to nurture potential, to be as inclusive as possible and to inspire confidence in both musical performance and academic endeavour. Whether your son or daughter has set their sights on a career in music or is an enthusiastic amateur, we, as a department, will encourage, inspire and motivate them. Over their years at Fettes, pupils will build their confidence and with enthusiasm, dedication and support from our staff their true potential can be reached.

Fantastic Opportunities

Under David Goodenough’s leadership, the Music Department at Fettes flourishes and we currently have three Choirs, a Symphony Orchestra and numerous smaller Chamber Music ensembles. The renowned Chapel Choir performs every week in the College Chapel, as well as regularly performing in and around Edinburgh itself.

Add to these things the regular opportunities for touring, CD recordings and the wealth of opportunities which are available for musicians in Scotland’s capital city, and studying Music at Fettes really comes into its own.

Taster sessions

The best way to experience Music at Fettes is to come and spend some time in the department. David Goodenough and any of the numerous talented music staff are pleased to meet with prospective pupils and parents at any time.