Tutorial System

We are extremely proud of the pastoral care provided at Fettes and an important part of this provision is the role of the Academic tutor.

Staff duties

All full time members of staff are attached to a Boarding House for evening duties and for academic tutoring, and each monitors a small number of pupils.

One-to-one tutoring

This means that every pupil will meet their tutor once a week on a one to one basis. In these tutorials topics for discussion can vary widely but it is at this point in the week that concerns can be expressed and achievements celebrated with respect to all aspects of life at Fettes. The tutor is a “champion” of the pupil and in this role will get to know the pupil very well.

Important aspects of learning

The Tutorial programme covers important aspects of learning that are out with the formal curriculum. Sessions covering Personal and Social Education (PSE), Careers and Study Skills are undertaken at suitable times with different ages incorporating visiting speakers and smaller discussion groups. Tutors are able to follow up issues raised within tutorials.