Personal and Social Education

Careers and Study Skills

PSE is a very important part of the curriculum at Fettes College. All pupils attend PSE sessions from Third form to the Upper Sixth. Our Tutorial Programme offers many aspects from careers, study skills to the various elements of PSE. PSE is delivered in many formats; as a discrete, timetabled subject, as plenaries, workshops, in House Prayers, Chapels or using the expertise of outside speakers.

Health and Wellbeing

Within the timetable PSE is delivered by a team of staff. We have strands discussing Relationships, Health and Wellbeing, Drugs, Anti-Bullying, Food and Nutrition and Mindfulness. We maintain high standards of teaching and learning across this part of the curriculum in order to engage the pupils in this very important aspect of their education and to ensure that every pupil develops their potential to flourish as an individual.

Upper Sixth Programme

The Upper Sixth programme builds on all that has gone before and has the central aim to prepare pupils for leaving school and going on to lead independent lives. The programme has four key themes: citizenship, enterprise and financial education, healthy living and preparation for further/higher education and/or employment.