We are very lucky to have a Medical Centre situated in the main College building which provides a twenty-four hour nursing service.

School doctors

We have two General Practitioners connected to the school and they run regular morning and evening surgeries and also provide an on-call service.

Additional care

A Physiotherapist and a Chiropodist/Podiatrist hold weekly sessions in the Medical Centre.

A safe and welcoming environment

The Medical Staff provide a safe and welcoming environment for the pupils' medical and personal needs. All boarding pupils are enrolled with the School's medical practice but day pupils may remain with their own family practice.

Health checks

In addition to providing day-to-day health care, the Medical Centre staff carry out a health check for each new boarding pupil, give appropriate vaccinations for pupils travelling abroad and offer preventative vaccinations (against influenza for instance) to all pupils.

Advice and support

The staff are also very involved in the School’s Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme and they provide an invaluable amount of advice and support to the community as a whole.


To contact the Medical Centre please call 0131 332 2247

You can read more about the Medical Centre here [PDF - 141kB].