Housemaster - Henry McCowan Hill

Known as a small and friendly house, Moredun is home to over 50 Moredun men, from Third Form to Lower Sixth. We aim to provide a supportive family atmosphere where our young men can feel immediately secure and therefore be at their best.

Winston Churchill’s inspiring words, “Never, never give up” form the basis of Moredun’s ethos. Our men are encouraged to participate, strive for success and be tenacious in any and all areas of life. The whole Moredun community benefits from this belief that self-improvement is ongoing and leads to success in all areas: as sportsmen, academics, dramatists, debaters, musicians and friends.

The Moredun Team

The boys and I are equally lucky to be supported by a strong team, brimming with experience, enthusiasm and energy. Our Matron, Ms Wallace, ensures that everything runs like clockwork, while our excellent Assistant Housemaster, Mr Bredin, is an asset not only to the Third Form he tutors but also to the house as a whole. Weekly tutorials with the experienced team of visiting tutors also help the boys to feel valued, supported and challenged.

Together we strive to promote resilience, happiness and confidence in order that Moredunians go on to excel in a wide array of disciplines in further study and beyond.

I share living in Moredun with my wife Nic, and our two boys Hamish and Jock, who only add to the party.