Housemaster - Peter Jenkins

Glencorse has an exceptional sense of community and house spirit, where the boys are loyal both to the house and each other. Equally, we are keen to encourage each individual to foster their unique qualities. Participation and success on a range of fronts is highly valued: whether you are a talented sportsman, an actor, a musician, an artist, a debater, an academic, some combination of all these or someone whose range of talents is yet to be found, you will find your niche in Glencorse.

The Community

There is a lively bunch of over 50 boys in Glencorse, whose range of talents and interests mean that, at any point in term, there is usually someone to be cheered on to success by the others. But the boys in Glencorse look out for each other too, living out one translation of the house motto ‘Numquam onus’ – ‘Nothing is too much trouble.’ We are keen to develop this sense of service to others in all of the boys who come through Glencorse.

The Individual

There’s always going to be a diverse range of personalities in a house full of boys and we think it is really important to allow each to develop in his own way and to discover his unique potential. As part of this, there is a great ‘can do’ attitude to the boys in house, who are encouraged to give anything a go and to participate fully in the wider life of the house and the college. We’d like each Glencorsian to come out at the end of their school career with a sense of independence, able to take initiative and to push beyond his limits.

House Staff

Housemaster – Peter Jenkins
Now in my sixth year as Housemaster of Glencorse, I feel privileged to be involved with such a successful boarding house and excited by the challenges of the most holistic educational role possible: that of overseeing the pastoral and academic welfare of a disparate group of teenage boys. I am superbly supported in this by my wife, Pippa, and kept grounded by my energetic children, Seth, Martha and Eliza.

Resident Tutor – Fernando Toledo
Fernando continues to prove his worth as a Resident Tutor: he brings great enthusiasm to the role and offers considerable extra support to all his tutees and the rest of the boys in the house.

Matrons – Karen Moss and Pippa Jenkins
Between them, our Matron team are a force to be reckoned with: as well as being pastorally supportive of all the boys in house, they work tirelessly to help the boys with the practicalities of boarding life, to look after them when they are sick or have picked up a sports injury and to offer a listening ear.

The Tutor Team
The visiting tutor team in Glencorse are exceptionally dedicated and hard-working on behalf of their tutees: we are very lucky to have Ms Berganza, Mr Dowey, Mr Drummond, Mr Dundas, Mr Liston and Mr Pitt working in the house.

Joining Glencorse

We hope you get a sense of the ethos and atmosphere of Glencorse from the website, but nothing beats the lived experience of seeing it for yourself. We’d be really happy to welcome you for a tour to see what it is like close-up or even to stay the night for a taste of boarding life.