Housemaster - Andrew Cheadle
Housemistress - Cai Cheadle

A stunning, purpose-built home for all of our final year students.


Craigleith is a community of up to 140 final-year students with 14 tutors and a team of residential and support staff. The emphasis is on mutual understanding, respect, trust, kindness and above all, on being aware of others’ needs. The house operates in a similar way to a university hall of residence, and is an extremely busy, purposeful and vibrant environment.

Academic study, but also such things as laundry chores, cooking and cleaning are all part of Craigleith life; and students are asked to help to arrange and coordinate a variety of activities and social events too.


Students are expected to manage their own time and studies. Being in the final year brings extra privileges and freedoms, but privileges entail additional responsibilities – towards oneself, towards Craigleith and towards Fettes because the Upper Sixth set the tone for the school as a whole. The ethos of the house is that it is through being a mature individual in a strong community that the final year is made rich and fulfilling.


This crucial year of hard work should reward students with their finest academic achievements and their highest accolades in other areas of school life. Craigleith aims to make this possible within a purposeful and fun environment for learning and living.