College West

Housemistress - Sue Bruce

Warm and welcoming

Among the iconic gargoyles and gothic arches of the College building is the warm and welcoming College West. College West houses girls from Third Form to Lower Sixth and all girls remain firm ‘Westies’ when they move to Craigleith. Westies are very close, forming strong friendships within their year group and throughout the house. They are well known for being friendly and fun as well as driven and competitive and the atmosphere in house is happy and homely.

House spirit

No visitor can fail to notice our strong sense of house spirit. The house motto is ‘West is Best!’ and each girl strives to do their best in everything they do, be it academic, sporting or creative. At the end of a busy day you are likely to see a house prefect helping a younger girl with their work, a group of friends snuggling down to watch a movie or catch up on all of the goings on with friends and families.

Caring and trust

I am responsible for College West and I live in the House with my husband and two children, Jamie and Rosie. I was a former Head of Girls’ Games at the College; I hope that I have an integral part to play in the driving force behind West’s impressive achievements on and off the sports pitch. I have the important task of balancing academic guidance while playing the role of “Mum” to all the boarders. I do this with a kind and understanding manner. I host evenings and year group nights which are looked forward to by the girls as it is a time to relax, have fun and unwind. I am always available for parents to telephone with queries and questions. The trust between a housemistress and the girls is a fundamental part of any functioning boarding house. The family ethos, which College West maintains, upholds the values of integrity, encouragement and loyalty. Anyone walking up the stairs to College West will normally hear a gaggle of girls chatting sharing the days’ events or singing on the stairs, or playing with my children.

The Girls

Mrs Bruce really cares about every one of us. She genuinely wants to spend time with us and we want to do the same with her; we enjoy her company. She goes out of her way to make sure we are all well looked after and happy.
Mrs B is really good at celebrating success across the board - When she praises you, it is the best thing.

College West Parents

I think Mrs Bruce is quite inspirational in the way she encourages the girls to achieve in all areas of school life and beyond.
I feel that Sue has a perfect balance between firm guidance and her maternal warmth along with a cheery sense of humour - all of this adds up to a very cohesive house.
Sue is a perfect combination between love for the girls and her job, and authority. Everything I need her to be when my daughter is in school, away from me.