Healthy Eating

A healthy lifestyle is built into the framework of a Fettesian’s day.

The aim is to provide a range of dishes and menus which offer a nutritious and well balanced diet. There are three main meals.


At breakfast there is a choice of continental or full cooked breakfast including cereals.


Lunch is the main meal of the day and includes soup, a choice of hot or cold dishes, and a salad bar and hot or cold sweets or biscuits and cheese.


At supper there is a choice of hot or cold dishes.

Fresh fruit is available daily. On Sunday mornings Brunch is available from 11am to 12.30pm. We can cater for special dietary requirements.

Healthy and active

We feel it is very important to combine healthy eating with an active lifestyle and therefore all members of the School participate in games on at least three afternoons each week.

Personal fitness

We aim to interest our pupils in personal fitness and give them an enthusiasm for sport as a leisure activity combined with superb coaching in order to produce skilled, competitive teams and individuals who achieve successful match results.

Excellent facilities

Our splendid facilities including extensive playing fields on campus and Westwoods Health Club help us to achieve this aim.