Piping & Drumming

The Fettes Pipe Band plays a huge part in the life of the School and we are very proud of our piping tradition.

An important part of school events

As a school band, the Pipes and Drums are on parade at a large number of events throughout the year at a variety of suppers, church services and rugby matches. In addition to this we perform our own annual piping and drumming recital. The inter-House competition is hotly contested at all levels and the Pipe Band is the final act in our Founders Day program.

Combined Cadet Force

With regards to the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), initially all of our members spend time learning basic drill and then transfer their CCF time to Band practice. The band turns out for many of the CCF calendar events, such a Biennial Inspections and Remembrance Day Service.


The Band also plays at all the CCF competitions throughout the year such as The Piping Trios and Quartets, Piobaireachd Competition and the big Solos and Pipe Band Competition in the Summer. The real set-piece of the year has to be the annual Beating Retreat held at Edinburgh Castle every May and then again at Holyrood Palace.

Tours abroad

The band tours abroad every three years with the most recent trip being to Hong Kong this past Easter.