Community Service

We take our responsibilities to the wider community very seriously.


Fettes students enjoy participating in many community and charitable service projects, ranging from the small and local to the truly massive and global. Among our particular concerns of course are the most vulnerable members of society who are on our own doorstep: the elderly, housebound, the less physically and mentally able and the homeless.


Fettes College has an active Charity Committee and fundraising is one of the key aims. From bake sales to talent contests, collections at the end of our concerts to the yearly Fettes 5k, 10k and half marathon runs, Fettes College is proud to say we have raised over £100,000 within the last 6 years.


We are a compassionate community which is always looking for volunteering opportunities within the city to give our pupils the widest possible range of experiences. This can be keeping the elderly company, helping at a charity shop or helping out at a homeless shelter.

Overseas projects

However, we are not solely confined to local projects and each year our pupils are given the opportunity to participate in overseas projects in various countries including India and Tanzania. It is not too much to say that these are life-changing and enriching experiences for all concerned.