Support for Learning

Pupil Support at Fettes received the top grade in the recent HMI inspection – Excellent.

Support for Learning supports and develops the skills needed to meet the challenges of a range of specific learning difficulties in order to optimise learning for GCSE, A level or IB examinations. The Head of Support for Learning, Miss Pippa Bailey, will update assessments, focusing on the areas of greatest need. This provides information that will help teachers provide targeted support in lessons and for exam arrangements.

Extra support

Pupils with identified learning difficulties are offered extra support, beyond that provided by their teachers and in Houses. Support will vary depending on the nature and level of difficulty and the pupil’s own efforts. All pupils are required to commit to working towards goals which will help them access their curriculum and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of it.

Where possible, a weekly support lesson will be timetabled outside lessons in the pupil’s free time. Some pupils may take a reduced timetable by special arrangement. Lessons freed up by dropping a subject, usually a language option in the Third Form and at GCSE, are used for one-to-one sessions, group work or supervised private study, under the direction of the Head of Support for Learning.

Areas of specialist teaching:

Support for senior school pupils focuses on developing maths and literacy skills to support learning across the curriculum:

  • Support for maths is at a basic level, reviewing and reinforcing topics from the IGCSE maths lessons and developing core skills.
  • Support for literacy skills focuses on reading for information, planning and writing essays and note-taking strategies.
  • In addition, preparation for exams including effective revision techniques is also available for both internal and public exams.

Sixth Form

The focus at this level is on study skills and exam preparation. All Sixth Form pupils should regularly take advantage of the subject specific support from their teachers during the weekly Academic Priority sessions. They are also encouraged to work with Tutors and their Housemaster or Housemistress to perfect their independent study skills for prep and coursework, in readiness for their studies in Further Education. Additional support is available for pupils in the Sixth Form, should they require it, timetabled according to individual needs.