The History Department is rightfully proud of its academic achievements, with our results over the past five years speaking for themselves. These statistics have consistently put us amongst the leading subjects in the College and compare very well with national standards.

Strong results

Last year our students achieved 36% A* and 73% A/A* at GCSE, 45% A/A* and 77% A*-B at A Level, and 40% scoring 7, 80% 6-7 at IB Higher Level.

Wide ranging study

That said we are not simply in the “results business” and the Department is committed to offering an exciting and wide ranging study of History to all our pupils. Our aim is to enthuse, encourage and develop young historians from the Third Form all the way through to Upper Sixth.

Choice of study topics

There are several attractive features about the History curriculum at Fettes including the following: In Third Form we are able to construct our own scheme of work including units on The First World War and The Holocaust; the recommended reading lists aim to extend our pupils beyond textbooks; in Sixth Form A level pupils have a choice of which period of History they wish to study and the coursework at IB and A Level gives students a free choice of historical topics to write about.

School trips

The History Department believes that school trips play a key role in fostering a long term enjoyment of the subject. To this end we have undertaken many trips throughout Europe in previous years, most recently to Berlin where our students visited numerous significant historical sites of the 20th Century. During the October Break our Sixth Form will visit Krakow and at the end of the Autumn Term we will be taking Fifth Formers to Berlin for five days. All such trips are taken in an effort to forge meaningful connections for our students between their lives today and the historical events that shape our present.

Historical society

We also run a thriving Historical Society to which some leading historians have been invited. In October we will be hosting an in-house event whereby a selection of students and staff will battle it out to have their favourite historical figure crowned as the Greatest Individual in British History. In recent years we have been privileged enough to invite survivors of the Holocaust to share their testimony with our Third Formers in the Spring Term.

Sector leading

A recent HMIE inspection (2009) described the History Department as “sector leading” and praised its ability to teach “young people in an accessible and creative way”. History is a popular and enjoyable subject at Fettes College.

Flip through our informative PDF for full details about History at Fettes:
History 2017 [PDF - 157kB]