History of Art

The overall quality of the History of Art course is exceptionally high - HMIe Inspection 2009

Academic success

Grades are consistently high and a good proportion of students have gone on to read History of Art at top universities such as Cambridge and the Courtauld Institute at the University of London.

Art in the world around us

History of Art is an interdisciplinary subject. No practical artistic skills are required. Art is related to political, religious, philosophical, literary, economic and other factors.

Visual culture

In towns we are surrounded by architecture, in the countryside by landscape and on visits to great cities by visual culture of all kinds. All of this is the subject of History of Art, as are the buildings in which we live, work and shop, the designed goods we buy, the adverts we are assailed by and the films and television we watch.

Studying History of Art

Art can, of course, be enjoyed purely for its own sake but, while this is an added benefit and enjoyment in studying History of Art, the aim of its study is to understand art – of a particular place, of a particular time or a particular artist.