Geographers can step off a plane, train or bus anywhere and identify clues that help explain the landscape they see (natural or man-made).

What does Geography do?

  • Breeds awareness of our surroundings (local, national and global)
  • Recognises differences in cultures, political systems, economies and environments
  • Offers a diverse study of man, the environment and their interactions

Pupils learn about human and physical force that shape patterns in modern society. This link between physical and social sciences allows:

  • A unique overview and balanced perspective
  • Understanding of concepts and issues

The subject is more than simply knowing where places are!

  • Why are deserts spreading? Is it just global warming?
  • Why is Scotland’s population ageing rapidly? Should we be concerned?
  • Why are rainforests wet, lush and fragile?
  • Why do high technology industries locate in California?


Fieldwork is integral to Geography. Frequent field trips are run in the region and there is an international expedition to Iceland planned for October 2016.

Pupils also develop GIS, data handling and evaluation skills using sources such as Google Earth, Memory Maps, textbooks and other digital resources.


All pupils at Fettes study Geography in the Third Form. Students can then choose to continue the subject at GCSE and either A Level or the IB Diploma in the Senior School.

Results 2016

  • 66% A*/A at GCSE
  • 97% A-C at A Level
  • 100% gaining 5-7 points at IB, 90% achieved 6 or 7 points

For full details about Geography at Fettes please take a look at the following PDF:
Geography 2016 [PDF - 369kB]