Economics is a subject that explains how things work.

Other subjects can do this too, but when things don’t work in Economics it affects all of us - households, firms and governments.

Looking for the best outcomes

Resources are finite, but our desires are infinite. Economists look for ways to use scarce resources to give us the best outcomes.

Improving decision making

We make economic decisions every day of our lives. Studying Economics at Fettes College will help improve your decision-making.

A popular course

We offer Economics for all students at Fettes. It can be taken as an option at GCSE, A-Level and the IB. It is a popular course and many of our students go on to read the subject, or related subjects, at university.

Experienced staff

There are two experienced teachers in the Department. All teach the full range of courses available. We have achieved excellent examination results at all levels.

Take a look at the following PDF's for full details about Economics at Fettes.
GCSE Economics [PDF - 35kB]
A-Level Economics [PDF - 45kB]
IB Economics [PDF - 18kB]