Drama is serious fun. Whether you are playing a WWI soldier, Cinderella or the Phantom of the Opera, you need a strong set of acting skills.

Practical skills

In the Drama Department, we focus on teaching the techniques and theory that you need to become an excellent actor. We run unashamedly practical courses. Whilst in many subjects you only learn about things, in Drama, you learn to do things. And it’s not just acting. Drama Tech offers you opportunities to work in light, sound, costume, set, special effects. Who knows? You may well end up directing your own show or running discos for 400 of your fellow Fettesians.

Drama for everyone

As well as Plays, Musicals and Competitions, Drama is taught throughout the Senior School. From Drama Lessons in the Third Form, through IGCSE Drama right up to A Level Drama and Theatre Studies and IB Theatre.

Make the most of your talents

Many Fettesians continue to study Drama, Theatre, Acting or Stage Management when they leave Fettes. So however seriously you take your Theatre, the Drama Department can help you make the most of your talents.