Computer Science

Developments that have taken place in Computer Science over the last twenty years have changed the world around us.

We live in a world where:

  • Nearly the entirety of human knowledge is indexed and searchable in seconds from devices we carry in our pockets
  • Over 300 hours of video are being uploaded to the Internet every minute.
  • Self-driving cars are being tested and likely to soon be common place on the roads.
  • Computers are being used to make medical diagnoses with a greater accuracy than doctors.

In the future computers will play more and more of an integral role in our day to day lives and it is hard to envisage many careers where an understanding of how technology works will not be important.

Our aim is that students will go out into the world from Fettes not just as consumers of technology but, but also playing an active role in its development.

Computer Science requires thinking both in abstract and concrete terms, so theory is coupled with plenty of hands-on experience.

Students in Third Form study Computer Science for one lesson week. As well as getting a grounding in the IT skills they will need throughout the college, they look at writing computer programs in Python and writing webpages in HTML.

In Fourth and Fifth Form, students have the option of taking IGCSE Computer Science.

In Sixth Form, Computer Science is offered as an option both at A-Level and IB and students tend to pursue their own interests in the subject outside of academic lessons. Several computing themed clubs are run, including robotics and code breaking.

The department also believes in encouraging students to pursue areas of Computer Science that interest them such as app development and website design. Students are encouraged to come for help with any of their projects and share what they have developed.

As a subject, Computer Science is useful, challenging, rewarding and, most importantly, great fun.