Computer Science

Computing technology is changing our world.

A few years from now:

  • Ours will be a paperless environment – like the vinyl records we collect today, paper will be cherished by many but used by few.
  • Robotics will be at the fore – robots will build, nurse, clean and cook. They will inspire new abilities that make the car-building technology of today as antique as old steam trains seem to us now.
  • Cars will drive themselves – they will talk to traffic lights and other cars to ensure a safe and smooth journey; they will predict traffic delays and never get lost.
  • Wearables will be the norm – some people will be directly connected to computers with implants to monitor their health or enhance their normal abilities.
  • It will be a connected, wireless world – 5, 6, 7G will roll out to the point where we stop thinking about connectivity and speed.

Already, the benefits of computing can be seen all around us. And in each of these is the reason to study Computer Science at Fettes.

To nurture and extend these skills, Computer Science at Fettes is introduced early – in the Prep School – where pupils are taught to think computationally.

Computer Science also requires thinking both in abstract and concrete terms, so theory is coupled with intensive hands-on experience. The teaching is exciting and innovative and pupils learn through thinking, designing and practical exercises.

At GCSE and in the Sixth Form it is an examinable subject. Python programming is taught alongside other languages, and pupils are encouraged to become the innovative designers and creators of their own elegant solutions.

As a subject, it is useful, valuable, challenging, rewarding and, most importantly, great fun.