The Classics Department at Fettes College is a dynamic and exciting place to study the ancient world. At Fettes we strive to maintain high standards but also make the teaching of Latin, Classical Civilisation and Greek exciting and fun.

Bringing Classics to life

Classics is the oldest subject to have been taught at Fettes College since 1870 and it is definitely the one that has changed the most. Subjects are brought to life through innovative teaching, and a range of activities in class (including dramatic performances and vocabulary games), as well as through student presentations and external competitions. Classics Club is also run as an activity for the Third Form, which allows pupils to learn about a range of civilisation topics from throughout the ancient Mediterranean.

Academic success

The department has been very successful in preparing candidates for Oxford and Cambridge and we are really pleased with our results at GCSE, A Level and IB for Latin, Classical Greek and Classical Civilisation.

Trips abroad

One of the biggest strengths of the Department is our trips’ record. Every year, we offer a residential trip for a week to all students studying Classics to Greece, Italy, Sicily or Turkey, where pupils are able to experience the ancient world first hand. We are also keen to visit any local exhibitions and drama productions which take place in or near Edinburgh to further enhance the students’ understanding of aspects of ancient civilisations.

Visiting lecturers

Life is never boring in the Classics Department; it boasts a society which has several visiting lecturers from universities in Scotland and elsewhere who come to give talks and lead discussions about recent scholarship and issues regarding key aspects of Classics. These are well attended and pupils often learn a great deal which they are able to use within their lessons.

Passionate staff

There are four members of staff at Fettes, all absolutely passionate about the subject. We have different interests in literature, history and archaeology and as a result there is vast expertise to draw from. Pupils who embark on individual research are expertly guided to produce work of exceptional standards.

For full details about Classics at Fettes please peruse our informative PDF:

Classics [PDF - 203kB]