The Art Department at Fettes is inspiring, lively and very well resourced. Our pupils achieve excellent results.

Specialist facilities

We have specialist facilities for printmaking, ceramics, jewellery and a well equipped darkroom.

Artist in Residence

The staff have a range of experience and expertise and includes an Artist in Residence who encourages pupils and gives an insight into professional art practice.

Independence and curiosity

We encourage independence, curiosity and ambition in our pupils, allowing each to pursue their interests and work to their strengths. Senior pupils attend regular Life Drawing sessions.

Going beyond the curriculum

Our Edinburgh location allows easy access to excellent galleries and each year trips further afield stimulate ideas. The Art Society invites artists from all disciplines to talk about their work and Art Club provides space and time for pupils to explore new processes beyond the curriculum.

Higher Education

A number of students choose to continue studying Art after Fettes gaining places at respected art schools and universities.

Art Blog

Would you like to find out what masterpieces our students have been working on? Visit the 'Art at Fettes' blog here.