Academic Music

Fettes College has long enjoyed an enviable reputation as one of the premier Schools for Music in Scotland.

Musical Ethos

We believe that one of the most important ways to improve the musical ability or academic achievements of our pupils is to ensure they receive the very best teaching. The Music Department, led by our Director of Music, David Goodenough, are passionate about making the learning and teaching of music as inspirational as possible.

Third Form

The Third Form curriculum is designed to offer as broad an overview as possible and nurture a love and understanding of Music in all students. We cover a huge range of musical styles, from Western Classical Music to Scottish traditional music; from Blues and Jazz to Club Dance and film music.


We follow the Edexcel GCSE Music course. Our departmental aim is to develop skills for a polished and honed performance that will benefit pupils throughout their time at Fettes. For Composing, we have a range of software to be utilised but we never discourage those who want to use a good old-fashioned pen and paper! Pupils study a diverse range of Music exploring the historical, social and musical context.

A Level

A-Level Music follows the OCR specification. This follows much the same format as the GCSE course, but students are obviously expected to show a much deeper understanding of the concepts involved and a higher level of practical skill. Performance, Composing and the Historical Study of Music are all part of the curriculum


IB Music is a fantastically broad course suited to pupils who are both accomplished practical musicians and academically-minded. Listening, a Musical Links Investigation, Performing, Composing and an Extended Essay are all part of the curriculum.

Read more about Academic Music at Fettes. [PDF - 103kB]