Sixth Form

Fettes College is unique in Scotland in that it is the only school which offers a choice between the International Baccalaureate and A Levels. Read our Sixth Form Curriculum guide: Into the Sixth 2019 [PDF - 658kB]

A renowned qualification

The IB is renowned throughout the world as a rigorous and challenging examination system that develops a broad range of skills. Students take six subjects for two years and have to study English, Mathematics, Science, a language (ancient or modern) and a social subject. Read the IB Mission Statement and Learner Profile [PDF - 32kB].

Independence of mind

In addition they have to follow a course in the Theory of Knowledge, undertake a programme of Creativity, Action and Service and write a 4000 word essay on a subject of their choice. The independence of mind that the IB promotes is excellent preparation for university.

The choice to specialise

The A Level pathway can provide breadth, but it allows for specialisation in a way that the IB does not. Students study three main subjects; initially they may, if there is a good reason, choose to take a fourth subject. Students also begin the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) at the start of the Spring Term of the Lower Sixth Form after they have followed a course introducing them to the skills required for research.

A first-rate Sixth Form education

With some forty different courses offered on two distinctive pathways, Fettes provides a superb opportunity to pursue all manner of interests. The quality of the grades that our students achieve at the end of the Upper Sixth Form strongly supports our reputation for being among the leading co-educational boarding schools in the UK. If we combine the results from both the IB and A Level, 83% of grades were A*, A or B. You can be certain that the Sixth Form education at Fettes is first-rate.