Fettes College consistently achieves outstanding academic results in International Baccalaureate, A Level and IGCSE/GCSE exams. The quality of the grades that our students achieve strongly supports our reputation for being among the leading co-educational boarding schools in the UK.

Combined IB & A Level (2018)

As a school that offers a choice of curricula, results are combined to provide the most accurate breakdown:

  • 22% A* at A Level or a 7 in IB
  • 59% A*/A at A Level or 7/6 at IB
  • 82% A*-B at A Level or 7/6/5 at IB

IB Results (2018)

Breakdown of IB results [PDF - 117kB]

  • Average points: 38.0
  • 83% of all HL results were 7/6 grades (the A Level equivalent of A*/A)
  • 97% were 7-5 (the equivalent of A*-B)
  • 39% of candidates achieved 40 points+
  • 77% of candidates achieved 36 points+

A Level Results (2018)

  • 12.5% A*
  • 40% A*/A
  • 65% A*-B
  • 81% of all EPQ results A*/A

Breakdown of A Level results [PDF - 106kB].

GCSE (2018)

With the introduction of the new syllabus in some subjects, the 'scoring system' this year is slightly different. Roughly two thirds of results are already reported under the new numerical system (9 - 1) while the remainder, for this year, are still reported alphabetically (A*-G). We have therefore combined the results to provide an accurate overall appraisal.

  • 44% A* for those subjects still using the old system & 22% 9s in the new grading system
  • 70% 9-7 or A*-A
  • 98% 9-4 or A*-C

Breakdown of GCSE results [PDF - 111kB].