Careers and HE

Career Education is a gradual ongoing process rather than a single event. While the majority of Fettesians (on average 98%) go into Higher Education, full account is taken of long-term aspirations, and the needs of those who wish to pursue different paths are fully addressed.

Transferable skills

The Tutorial Programme develops the skills and aptitudes which will equip pupils to negotiate their way in the working world. Enterprise activities and career experience courses enable pupils to practise transferable skills and investigate opportunities.

Work experience

Pupils are encouraged and supported in setting up work experience on their own initiative or in response to opportunities advertised through school.

Formal career guidance

Formal career guidance begins in the Fifth Form with automatic enrolment with the Independent Schools Careers Organisation. Pupils become members of the comprehensive Futurewise scheme which entitles them to help from qualified and impartial ISCO Careers Advisers until the age of 23.

Annual Careers Day

An annual Careers Day gives Lower Sixth Formers the opportunity to discuss their ambitions and potential with a range of advisers from commerce, industry, universities and gap year representatives.

The right guidance

Careers Staff work in close liaison with Housemasters and Housemistresses in giving guidance about university aspirations both for the UK and increasingly for other destinations such as the USA.

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