Campus Tour

Fettes College is situated in 90 acres of woodland close to the heart of Edinburgh. It is safe and secluded with all facilities on site. The tour is designed to let you see where all our facilities are and to get a feel for everything that Fettes has to offer.


Fettes Prep – Main Building

The Main Building houses a number of classrooms as well as the Assembly Hall where every member of the Prep School meet each morning. The Gaps have their office here and the staff have a well deserved break in their staff room.


Iona House

The girls’ boarding house looking after girls from 7-13. The Houseparents are David & Corinna Dawson.


Arran House

The boys’ boarding house looking after boys from 7-13. The Housemaster is Mr Dave Hall.


Fettes Prep – William House

Our state-of-the-art classroom block which includes five classrooms, an art room, library and changing rooms.



The boys and girls play on here at break time and for sporting sessions throughout the week.


Preparatory Reception

This is the main Fettes Prep reception and you will be met by Mrs Fernie on arrival. This is a pedestrian entrance and there is plenty of parking on East Fettes Avenue.

Campus Tour - Squash Courts7

Squash and Fives Courts

Currently undergoing a major refurbishment, the school owns a unique facility which houses two fives and two squash courts.

Harrison family8

Arniston House

One of the senior school’s girls’ Boarding Houses for girls aged 13-17. The Housemistress is Mrs Carolyn Harrison.


Yeo Pavilion

This cricket pavilion at the edge of Belows playing field provides changing facilities as well as a wonderful historical record of cricketing achievements over the years.


Cumming Pavilion

This small pavilion provides a fantastic vantage point for a game of rugby and some welcome shelter on the coldest days.


Headmaster's Lawn

Fettes Headmasters have always lived on campus and the Beating of the Retreat each Founder’s Day takes place on the Headmaster’s Lawn.


Medical Centre

As a boarding school, we have 24 hour care available in our Medical Centre with a dedicated team of nurses and a School Medical Officer who takes surgeries during the week.

Bruce Family13

College West

Based in the main College building, this is one of the senior girls’ Boarding Houses for girls aged 13-17. The Housemistress is Mrs Sue Bruce.


Main College and Chapel

Chapel takes place every morning for each senior pupil. We are an interdenominational school and accept children of any faith. Chapel also acts as an assembly and opportunity for the whole school to come together.


Reception – Callover Hall

Most visitors will come to reception in the first instance. This hall houses portraits of all the previous Headmasters and a bust of Sir William Fettes himself.


College East

Based in the main College building, this is one of the senior girls’ Boarding Houses for girls aged 13-17. The Housemistress is Pam Houston.


War Memorial

The War Memorial is a very important part of the Fettes campus and was erected to honour all those Fettesians who lost their lives fighting in WWI and WWII. The area around the memorial is used for our yearly Remembrance Day service.


The Theatre

We have a number of plays and musical performances that take place in The Theatre each year including the School Play (Duchess of Malfi this year), 1912 Pipe & Drums Recital and the Prep School Play.


The MacLeod Centre

This used to be the Fettes College swimming pool until Westwoods was build and is now a multi-functional hall for Pipe Band practice, School Discos, talks and the famous Latin Day lunch.


Dining Hall

Designed by William Kininmonth in 1966, this is where all Fettes pupils and staff have their lunch, breakfast and dinner. Each meal time offers a wide choice of good quality, healthy foods.

Davies family21


All our final year students reside here and it includes individual en-suite study bedrooms, library, kitchens and social areas. The house is run by Mr Richard and Mrs Caroline Davies.


Science Block

The Science Block contains all our Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs for the College. Fettes Prep also come here for their science lessons.



The main Bryce Building built in the 1860s is known as one of the finest examples of Scottish Baronial architecture. If you look closely you will find sea serpents, mice, bees and mermaids carved into the façade.


Basketball Court

As well as the indoor courts at Westwoods, we have this outdoor court perfect for a game after prep when the Scottish weather allows!

jenkins family25

Glencorse House

Glencorse is one of the senior boys’ Boarding Houses for boys aged 13-17. The house is run by Mr Peter Jenkins.


The Grassie Range

When Craigleith was built, our old shooting range was demolished. Due to generous donations from OFs and Friends, a custom-made new range was created. The range houses an excellent 25m range with viewing area behind the shooting platform.


Tennis Courts

Each Boarding House has their own tennis court (with College East and College West sharing one). Tennis is a major sport for girls and a minor sport for boys in the Summer Term. The teams play against a number of other independent schools and they especially enjoy the annual trip to Wimbledon.

DuVivier Family28

Moredun House

Moredun is one of the senior boys’ Boarding Houses for boys aged 13-17. The house is run by Mr Charlie du Vivier.

Weatherby family29

Carrington House

Carrington is one of the senior boys’ Boarding Houses for boys aged 13-17. The house is run by Mr James Weatherby.


Kimmerghame House

Kimmerghame (pronounced Kim – er – jim) is one of the senior boys’ Boarding Houses for boys aged 13-17. The house is run by Mr Richard Smith.


The Beach

The beach is a long expanse of grass in front of the main College where students relax in the evenings playing Frisbee. The annual Mile Relays start and finish here where the whole school runs trying to win for their House.


The Sutcliffe Astroturf

The Sutcliffe is an all-weather synthetic pitch that is floodlit. It is the size of a full hockey pitch and is utilised for hockey practice for both boys and girls, Senior and Prep.


Music Department

The Music department at Fettes comprises of a large music room for coffee concerts and choir rehearsal as well as practice rooms where the visiting tutors teach their specialist instruments.


North Building

The North building houses all our History, Economics and Business Studies and Geography classrooms as well as some Maths classrooms. This used to be the stable blocks for the school when horses were kept on campus.


Queen's Lawn

This is a stretch of grass that is used for Beating of the Retreat on Open Day and where the Founder’s Day marquee is erected every Summer. Prefects have the special privilege of being allowed to walk on this area of grass in the Spring and Summer Terms.


Drama Studio

Drama plays a large role in life at Fettes College with House Plays and School Plays taking place throughout the year. The most recent School Play was The Duchess of Malfi.


The Green Walk

We are very lucky to be set in 90 acres of land, so although we are in the heart of Edinburgh we feel much more secluded. The Green Walk is a beautiful woodland walkway that the boys use to go between houses.


Cricket continues to flourish at Fettes, with seven teams regularly participating in fixtures. We have three cricket squares and the recently opened outdoor, six lane practice area to go with the indoor nets in Westwoods Health Club.

1st XI Cricket Square


Bigside 1st XV

Rugby is the major game for boys in the Autumn Term at Fettes. The 1st and 2nd XVs practice on Bigside with the 3rd and 4th XVs on Littleside. The state-of-the-art indoor training facilities at Westwoods (sports hall, aerobics studio and weights studio) along with the extensive playing fields ensures each team has every opportunity to develop.


Estates Office

With such a large campus, extensive grounds and many buildings to maintain, we have a team of people working from the Estates office such as our grounds staff, janitorial and security staff. The Estates Manager is Mr Houghton.


Westwoods Sports Centre

The Physical Education department is based in Westwoods and our students have access to all the facilities on offer. The Elite Athlete Program members make especial use of the facilities within their training programme.



We have extensive playing fields so no one needs to go off campus for coaching. The Prep School use the hill up to Youngs in their training and it is used as part of our 5k charity run course which takes place each year (we do a 10k and half marathon too, raising money for charity).


Carrington Road Gates

From here you have a wonderful view of Fettes College and the main Bryce building.


Art Huts

As well as the art room above the Music department, we have two art huts and a sculpture room. As well as Art on the curriculum, we have the annual House Art Competition which is strongly contested. This is displayed in the Fettes Gallery – the foyer outside the Dining Hall.


The Shop

The Fettes School Shop sells all school uniform, sportswear and equipment and is open throughout the term. They also sell stationery, toiletries, greeting cards and gift items as well as being the traditional “tuck shop”.

Dalmeny House46


Dalmeny is one of the senior girls’ Boarding Houses for girls aged 13-17 and was opening in September 2012. The house is run by Dr Kate Fairbairn.

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  • 2Iona House
  • 3Arran House
  • 4William House
  • 5Astroturf
  • 6Preparatory Reception
  • 7Squash and Fives Courts
  • 8Arniston House
  • 9Yeo Pavilion
  • 10Cumming Pavilion
  • 11Headmaster's Lawn
  • 12Medical Centre
  • 13College West
  • 14Main College and Chapel
  • 15Reception – Callover Hall
  • 16College East
  • 17War Memorial
  • 18The Theatre
  • 19The MacLeod Centre
  • 20Dining Hall
  • 21Craigleith
  • 22Science Block
  • 23Architecture
  • 24Basketball Court
  • 25Glencorse House
  • 26The Grassie Range
  • 27Tennis Courts
  • 28Moredun House
  • 29Carrington House
  • 30Kimmerghame House
  • 31The Beach
  • 32The Sutcliffe Astroturf
  • 33Music Department
  • 34North Building
  • 35Queen's Lawn
  • 36Drama Studio
  • 37The Green Walk
  • 381st XI Cricket Square
  • 39Bigside 1st XV
  • 40Estates Office
  • 41Westwoods Sports Centre
  • 42Youngs
  • 43Carrington Road Gates
  • 44Art Huts
  • 45The Shop
  • 46Dalmeny